Private Courses and Opportunities

On our Farm Consultation Sessions: One-on-one tour of the creamery and dairy, questions answered about equipment, milk quality, construction of dairy, creamery and aging room, cheesemaking, etc.  85.00/hour.

Off-Farm Consultation: This is the most limited service available, as it is very hard to leave the farm! But I do some traveling and can often include a site visit. Fee varies.

Plan Review: Review of your floor plan design. 1 Hour minimum (85.00).  Average time: 2 Hours (including follow ups).


Milk quality importance-DHI, SCC, CMT, Plate counts, antibiotic residue testing; milking machine options and maintenance; cleaning chemicals; waste water disposal options; floor plan design; shipping and packaging; invoicing and working with retailers; making hard aged cheeses- milk composition, pH, affinage options, product testing; holistic herd health; fecal parasite floats; and more.