Reference Bucks

We no longer show our bucks, and rarely clip them. Posing them for beauty shots is also way down on our list of priorities. We  believe that pretty is as pretty does! So please excuse the most recent candid barnyard shots of our boys.  When we sell a young buck it is only from our best cross for conformation, milk production, and disposition. We breed the young bucks heavily their first year and then hope to see several daughters before we decide to use them again.


GCH Pholia Farm KM Copperfield  +*B
GCH Pholia Farm KM Copperfield +*B


Born in 2005, tall but within the limit. Great legs and feet and general appearance. We have him in the tank and would like to see him work for someone else for a couple more years.

Sister: SGCH  Pholia Farm KM Harriet 3*M

 Breedleader 2009 7th for Fat, retired for a broken knee. Well below the height limit.

*B Pholia Farm MI DeSire
*B Pholia Farm MI DeSire

Desire is the result of a tight line breeding of Delite to her full sister’s (Deana) son.  We are hoping to capture the power, correctness and milk production of Delite along with her sister’s correctness and better mammary. Both does have brought so much to our herd.

*B Pholia Farm CA Mr. Incredible

Jobi Delite 5*M


*B PhPholia Farm HB Tom Sawyer
*B Pholia Farm HB Tom Sawyer

For Sale First of October 900.00

*B Pholia Farm HB Captain Nemo (now owned by Josh Albrecht)
*B Pholia Farm HB Captain Nemo (now owned by Josh Albrecht)

Tom Sawyer is a gorgeous buck who has made great daughters, but too closely related for me to use much. So I have decided to let him go. I have him in my AI tank and will use him again down the road. Serious inquiries only, no haggling please.

Full brothers of our 2010 Spotlight sale buckling “Buck Finn” .  We feel this cross brings the best potential of any cross we have ever done.  Great daughters from both!

Piddlin Acres Hit the Bullseye +B

GCH Jobi Deana 5*M

LA 2009 VEEE 91

2nd place udder ADGA National show 5-6 year olds 2010, 2x BUIS

*B Pholia Farm CF Mr. Cellophane
*B Pholia Farm CF Mr. Cellophane

Here is a cross done for milk.  Penelope is one of our best milking does, even as a 2nd freshening 2 year old.  Copperfield regularly improves milk production as well.

GCH Pholia Farm KM Copperfield *B

Pholia Farm HJ Penelope 7*M VVEE 88

*B Pholia Farm MI Brave Brave Sir Robin
*B Pholia Farm MI Brave Brave Sir Robin

This was a buck we didn’t mean to keep. He was sale pending as a kid and then developed a front leg injury. It seems to have healed fine, but since we know how important a buck’s legs are, we didn’t feel comfortable selling him. We love his parents so much, though, that we are very happy to have this little guy.

See his full sister, Spamela, on the doe page, one of our nicest two year olds


*B Pholia Farm CA Mr. Incredible (*B Pholia Farm HB Casper x GCH AGS Jobi Deana 5*M)


AGS Jobi Willa, 2*M VEEE 92

(Jobi Jocko *S x Jobi Aida * 3 D  2*M) AR

*B Blythmoor SD Lolliwood Star


+B GCH AGS Mystic Acres Snapdragon (AGS Invale Mel Gibson x AGS OTR Magic’s Hijinx)


Pholia Farm HJ Lollipop 4*M (Algedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy x SGCH Pholia Farm KM Harriet 3*M

 CRF Castle Rock Sterlingsilver  Sire: CFR Castle Rock Cobalt +B(CFR Castle Rock Guy Noir x CH AGS Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon)Dam: AGS TX Twin Creeks WDF Sunsprite VVVV 87 (CH AGS Pecanhollow Willy’sDance Fever x CH AGS Goodwood Good Day Sunshine)

*B Pholia Farm RD Wubstep
*B Pholia Farm RD Wubstep

Born 2012

Sire: *B Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby (see above) x

SG Pholia Farm HJ Penelope 7*M

2012 VVEE 88

22 1/4″

More Reference Bucks

*B Pholia Farm CA Mr. IncredibleV+V 88No Semen Available Sorry we only have fuzzy photos of Mr. I! His fourfirst freshening daughters are all keepers, with great udders, dispositions, and milk.1 x Sr. Grand Champion. *B Pholia Farm HB Casper xGCH Jobi Deana 5*MLA 2009 VEEE 912nd place udder ADGA National show 5-6 year olds 2010, 2x BUIS


2006              2007

+B GCH Piddlin Acres Hit the Bullseye

No Semen Available

Passed away 2013


Bullseye has the incredible angularity and dairy character. He is quite small and very sweet.

LA 2009 EEE 90

4 x ADGA Grand Champion Sr.Buck
1xADGA Best of Breed 1x Res. BOB

Dam:  Piddlin Acres Fraulin
Sire: Twin Creeks BW Peaceful Voyage*S VG  87.5

GHC*B Pholia Farm CF DoeNutV+E 87“In the AI tank”


Doenut regularly fixes teat placement and teat size as well as improving legs and front feet. He has not added milk production, but daughters have nicely shaped udders. He also adds length of body.

3x Sr Grand, 3x BOB, 1 X BBIS, 2x Reserve Sr. Grand, 1x Reserve BOB

Sold to Margie Dykstra at Blythmoor Farm in Oregon


Pholia Farm KM Copperfield *B


Pholia Farm HB Soiree 2*M

MI Sugar Creek TW Tune’s XM *S, *B
(MI Sugar Creek NT Tight Wad *S x GCH/ARMCH Sugar Creek PT Show Tunes 1*M/2*D)

(In the tank)

Thank You Dill’s a Little Goat Farm for selling us straws of XM!
 In 2007, Tunes earned 6 Best of Breed and 4 Best Udder awards. Linear Appraisal score of EEEE with final score of E91, Classification score of 92.1. His sire’s dam Penny Pincher won 4 Grand Champion titles as well as Best Udder of Breed Award. She appraised VEEE with a final score of E90.

 DamGCH +*B Pholia Farm RA Hubba-Hubba


LA 2009 VVE 87

3x ADGA Sr. Grand Champ,2x BOB 2008
3 x ADGA Res Grand Champion Sr.Buck
5x Res. BOB
1x BIS

Dam: Jobi Willa 4*D, 2*M  AR
Sire: Rosasharn’s SS Aquarius *S +B

+*B Pholia Farm RA Odessy


LA 2008 VVE 88

1xADGA Res. Champion Sr. Buck
1xADGA Res. Champion BOB
overheight in 2008 (not able to show)
Sire of the ADGA 2008 Nigerian Spotlight Doe

Dam: Piddlin Acres Start a Rumor *D, *M AR VG       Top Ten 2005 ADGA

Sire: Rosasharn SS Aquarius *S+B

Algedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy +B



LA 2008 VV++ 82

Photos of Zenith by and courtesy of Kalee Rousso Algedi Farm,

1x Res. Champ Sr. Buck 2008

Dam: CH Rosasharn’s TL Zenith ( ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L ++ B,*S ‘E” x ARMCH Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*M,2*D ‘E’ (2005 AGS National Champion) )

Sire: Rosasharn’s UMT Hamachi +B (ARMCH Rosasharn’s Under My Thumb *S ‘E’ x ARMCH Rosasharn’s Unagi 3*M 3*D)

*B Pholia Farm Midas TouchMidas Touch was pushing the height limit by age 18 months.  We pulled him from our breeding progarm.

GCH *B Pholia Farm RA Hubba-Hubba VVE 87

GCH Pholia Farm KM Harriet 3*M

LA 2009 VEEV 88

Breed Leader 2009 Butterfat, milk, protein, 2008 butterfat

*B Pholia Farm Da Bombsorry for no picture of DaBomb. He is a cute little guy, just plain gold with a bit of white.  We like the milk production potential of the cross of Odessy with Delite. *B Pholia Farm RA Odessy VVE 88Jobi Delite 5*MLA 2009 VEEV 89

(Former Pholia Buck now “In the Tank”)

Kaapio Acres RB Moonstruck +B


   Moonstruck is a very correctly built animal. He is both masculine and very dairy. He is sharp over his withers but with great depth of barrel and spring of rib. He is long and level in his rump and wide in the eschutcheon. His 2005 kids are winning in the ring, scoring well on LA and milking beautifully.

Moonstruck went over-height at age 2 and went to breed for milking stock with Tina French in Hemet, CA.

2x ADGA Best of Breed
2x ADGA Grand Champion Sr.Buck
AGS Jr. Grand Champion Buck
NDGA Jr. Grand Champion Buck (no leg)

Dam: Woodhaven Farms Moondancer*DAR “E”

Sire: Kaapio Acres BB Red Butt’ler*S

 AGS 2003 National Champion Buck

*B Pholia Farm HB Casper


Pulled from breeding program 2011, overheight, daughters not as nice as we hoped in teat placement. Great general appearance on offspring.

3x Jr. Grand Champion Buck

1x Reserve Sr. Grand, 1x Reserve BOB

Piddlin Acres Hit the Bullseye +B

Pholia Farm RA Kahlua 3*M

Rosasharn’s SS Aquarius ++B


Aquarius is a very dairy fellow with a wonderful top line, dairy character and length of body. 


no semen sales

Dam: ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly *M,*D  
2000 AGS National Champion
Sire:  Rosasharn’s Summer Sol*S

MCH Algedi Farm H Drops of JupiterPhotos by and courtesy of Kalee Rousso Algedi Farm, Thank you Kalee and Tamara for having Jupiter collected!What an amazing pedigree this boy has. Solid Milkers and top Show Does.  We are thrilled to have him in our tank and will be using him heavily.  Thank you again, Tamara and Kalee for having him collected!

Dam: CH Rosasharn’s TL Zenith ( ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L ++ B,*S ‘E” x ARMCH Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*M,2*D ‘E’ (2005 AGS National Champion) )

Sire: Rosasharn’s UMT Hamachi +B (ARMCH Rosasharn’s Under My Thumb *S ‘E’ x ARMCH Rosasharn’s Unagi 3*M 3*D)

Pholia Farm KM Riot *B


LA 2007 G+ 82


See his full brother, Copperfield in our Reference bucks. Also his littermate sister, Harriet, has a fantastic udder and is a top milker for us as a first freshener. His first daughters look wonderful.  He now lives with the Catino Family of Quail Run Hollow Farm in Gaston, Oregon.

Pholia Farm KM Goliath +*B


LA 2007 G+ 83


Sire: Kaapio Acres RB Moonstruck*S ++B x

Dam: QSF Marias Fiesta *D,*M AR Top Ten 2005 ADGA

Pholia Farm KM Champagne*S *B Champagne is out of Soiree, a first freshener, out of our top milker Fiesta.
Dam: Pholia Farm HB Soiree 2*M,2*D AR
Sire: Kaapio Acres RB Moonstruck *S

MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm +*S

MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch E ++*S x MCH Twin Creeks BH Zinnia E 3*D

2002 AGS Reserve National Champion

 Kaapio Acres BB Red Butt’ler * S

  AGS 2003 National Champion Buck

Rosasharn B’Udder Boy * S HES Exent x Gay-Mor’s RA Nesslerode * D AR 1689

Twin Creeks MF Prairie Hawk*S

Goodwood Maltese Falcon VG *S x MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink’s Pixie E *D

2001 AGS Reserve National Champion

Photo courtesy of Kellye Bussey Twin Creek Farms

QSF Quite a Scandal *S          

l x AGS Reserve Jr. Grand Champion

 MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm +*S  Piddlin Acres Start a Rumor *D AR1807 88.5 VG

 Storm: 2002 AGS Reserve National Champion Buck