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Chanel was a very sweet doe.  She was due to kid in 2 months when she came down with listeriosis.  This was our first case of what is sometimes called “circling disease”.  We diagnosed it before it got to that point and had her euthanized and then a necropsy to be sure.  It was very sad to lose her as well as her kids.  She was the daughter of Spring and Aquarius and the mother of Bambi.

2008 Spring kids lost:
smidgeCricketII2-27_smallSmidge 2-08


Born Feb 2008, Died Mar 2008.

Smidge was .7 pounds when she was born, in comparison to her 2.6 pound siblings, she was definitely a runt. Raised in the house, the first few days were shaky, and she had to be fed with a 1 cc. syringe. Because she was underdeveloped, the only thing she could digest was high fat yogurt. But she managed to get through, and we started to get to know her. She loved to be around anyone, we where her herd. Piper and Cricket, the two pet dogs took care of her. And Smidge would follow them around whenever she wasn’t in her pen. She started to act more like a normal baby, and began to bounce around and play in her pen, and outside of it. Whenever someone was walking around, Smidge would be right behind them, bouncing along. She grew more confident, and it was looking hopeful that she would make it. She was growing fine, and was soon big enough to take a premi-bottle, rather than the syringe. And we started to mix milk in with her yogurt. She seemed happy, and was sweet as could be. Then, at the end of her second week, things went wrong. Early evening, she had a seizure. And for a moment, it looked like she wouldn’t pull through it. But she started gaining her breath back, and acting a little more normal. At the time, we didn’t know it was a seizure, and treated her for anything we could think of. But early the next morning, she had another seizure, and passed away. It was a terrible loss, just when we had started to get to know her and to love her dearly, she was taken from us. Rest in peace little Smidgins.

Mr. Powers

Born Feb 2008, died Feb 2008

A sweet little buck kid by Jimmy, and out of Willa. We really didn’t get a chance to know him very well, it came on very sudden. Died of a congenital brain lesion. Brother of Rambo.



CupidBorn Feb 2005, died April 2005An amazingly nice buck kid by Aquarius and out of Rumor, lost potential and a guy we didn’t really get to know well. Died of septic arthritis.  Brother of Puzzle.


Born March 2005, died September 2005  

A favorite little doe who will be missed by many. Died of  renal failure, cause unknown, likely a birth defect. Daughter of Fiesta and Moonstruck, sister of Ha-cha-cha.  

SymphonyBorn October 2004, Died November 2005A beautiful doe with a lot of potential. Became crippled due to trauma to her withers.  At the end she couldn’t bear weight on her front legs. Daughter of Spider and Bullseye.
CloudBorn March 2006, Died March 2006 This little gal was one of the sextuplets born to Fiesta and Moonstruck.  She was fine at first but then seemed to not be digesting her milk.  If I knew then what I know now, I would have given her rennet and that probably would have saved her. Instead, I treated it like white scours. Sorry Cloud.
ScoundrelBorn February 2007 Died April 2007A nice little buck kid.  Died from Coccidiosis. Son of Rumor and Aquarius. Brother of Juliet.
EdnaBorn April 2007 Died May 2007Another kid lost to coccidiosis.  Daughter of Isis and Riot.  Sister of Edith.