While we are best known for our high quality Nigerian Dwarf goats – both for show and milk- we have been playing around with crossing the La Mancha breed – a full sized goat with tiny ears – with our Nigerians. While we are not trying to create “Mini La Mancha”, we do love these crosses. We chose the La Mancha for its high genetic testing for the same kind of milk protein that the Nigerian Dwarf is so good at making in it’s milk – Alpha S-1. This protein is responsible for greater cheese yields – and given the high fat content of our goats – this helps capture the fat in the curd. We wanted to see what would happen if we conscientiously tried to breed for components (fat and protein) while also increasing the size of the goat – just a bit. What we didn’t expect, an increase in personality!

Top Pholia ladies in 2010

Top Pholia ladies in 2010

Our purebred Nigerians will always be our main focus as we enter our 2nd decade of linear appraisal and Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) milk testing. We love these little goats! When Amelia moved to new interests in 2012, we stopped showing the ladies, but I can feel that one day I will want to return to the ring. Until then, we rely upon the more objective evaluation of production programs such as linear appraisal and  DHI.


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