Buck  Details Parents
Rocky side 2016 sm

+*B Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby

D1575828 +*B SG PTI 160 56
PTA 74M 6F 4P -.20T
PTA$ ELITE 14 19 69R
PTA% 60R 11/15 .18 9 11/15
D/AV 740 50 33 84

Born 2011, Died 2018

We’ve used Rocky extensively and with magnificent results. He’s had some fertility issues these last 2 years. He is over height.

NC PROMISEDLAND RAM-BEAU +*B*S E91 (+B NC PromisedLand MG Beau +*S xCaesar’s Villa DN Lizzie *M 3*D)

NC PROMISEDLAND PAL PALOMA *M VEEE90 (Buttin Heads Palimony x NC Promisedland  SS Thistle)

Huckleberry*B Elfin Acres ET Huckleberry  Born 2014

After seeing Huckleberry’s mom at a show AND seeing her DHI papers, I had to buy him. Mom is a small doe, but milking over 1000 pounds regularly. Her daughters are milking as well as she is, plus she is a beauty!

Elfin Acres BZ Etienne VVE 88 (Pecan Hollow ZC Bazinga VEE 90 x Odeon RSP Madeline 4*M VEEE 900 x SG The Lilac Twinkletoes 1*M VEEE 91(AGS Inavale Mel Gibson x Toehead Royale Riley) Lilac 7 months Lilac photo courtesy Marybeth Bullington
*B Mtn Lodge O Arturo 

Photo coming soon!

Black with moonspots

Born 2018

*B Mtn Lodge Orcas X 6*M SG Pholia Farm RD DeJour (+*B Willow Moon Rocky Dolby X 5*M Jobi Delite)

Recent Reference Bucks

 *B Rosasharn SH Uni’s Bryce  Leased from Mtn. Lodge Farm, Washington, 2015)   *B Rosasharn BB son of Honey (Rosasharn WT B-Bo x SG AGS Rosasharn’s Buckweat Honey 3*M) x SG AGS Rosasharn’s Uni 2*M ( AGS Goodwood Tom Thumb ++B x AGS Rosasharn’s Baby USA 1*M)
Shawn Spencer*B Pholia Farm TS Shawn Spencer Shawn is currently owned by Gail Swanson

Sire: *B Pholia Farm HB Tom Sawyer

Dam: Pholia Farm HJ Baklava 3*M VVEE 89

*B Pholia Farm CF Mr. Cellophane*B Pholia Farm CF Mr. Cellophane

Here is a cross done for milk.  Penelope is one of our best milking does, even as a 2nd freshening 2 year old.  Copperfield regularly improves milk production as well.


GCH Pholia Farm KM Copperfield *B

Pholia Farm HJ Penelope 7*M VVEE 88

William*B Pholia Farm RD William


Willa is one of our best does ever, still milking at age 11 and what a great disposition. Of course, Rocky is a buck that we were very lucky to get. William’s first daughters will be fresh spring 2015


Sire: SG *B Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby (see above) x Jobi Willa  2*M 2012 VEEE 92