2021 was our last year to have kids. We’ll keep some ladies here as pets. It’s been a great near two decades!

Breeding for Show & Milk since 2003

Pictured in 2006: SG AGS QSF PH Marias Fiesta 1*M, born 2002 
SG AGS Jobi Willa 4*M, born 2003
SG AGS QSF Here’s a Riddle 2*M, born 2003

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NameYear BornLactation
SG Pholia Farm SS Jasmine 8*M 20145
SG Pholia Farm RD Lil Nommie 8*M20163
SG Pholia Farm RD Obsidianne20162
SG Pholia Farm HB Desiree 8*M20173
Pholia Farm HB Biscotti20182
Pholia Farm AR Onyx20191

SG Pholia Farm SS Jasmine 8*M

  • Pedigree
  • LA 2019 VEEE 91
  • 4th lactation (4 year old), 272 days, 811#, BF 43# (5.3%), Pt 40# (4.9%)
  • 22 1/2 ”
  • *B Pholia Farm TS Shawn Spencer x SG Pholia Farm RD Cocoa Chanel 7*M
  • Born 2014

Jasmine is measuring at the height limit as a 5 year old.  She has one of the best rump widths I’ve ever seen, fantastic foreuddder extension, and is easy to milk, despite those small teats. Picture above 5 months into 4th lactation.

SG Pholia Farm RD Lil Nommie 8*M

  • Pedigree
  • LA 2019 VEEE 90
  • 2nd lactation (3 year old), 277 days, 704#, BF 37# (5.3%), Pt 35# (5.0%)
  • Height 21 3/4
  • Born 2016
  • SG +*B Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby x SG Pholia Farm MT Ohmnomnom 7*M

Lil Nommie is a second freshener milking quite well. Her extended lactation is estimated to be 825 pounds. She has a capacious udder with a great foreudder. Pictured above 5 months into lactation.

SG Pholia Farm HB Desiree 8*M

  • Pedigree
  • LA 2019 VEVE 88
  • 2nd lactation (2 year old), 279 days, 836#, BF 48# (5.7%), Pt 39# (4.7%)
  • Height 22 1/4
  • Born 2017
  • *B Elfin Acres ET Huckleberry x SG Pholia Farm RD Audrey 7*M

Desiree freshened in 2019 with a fantastic udder and milked 4.7 pounds on her first test, 4.4 on the 2nd, and 4.0 on the third. I’m so excited about this doe. In the photos, she’s been in milk for almost 6 months. (DHI update) at the 7 month mark, Desiree is still predicted to go over 1000 pounds of milk)

SG Pholia Farm RD Obsidianne

  • Pedigree
  • LA 2019 ++E+ 84
  • First lactation (2 year old) 300 days, 709#, BF 5.92% (42#), Pt 4.4% (31#)
  • Height: 21″
  •  Born 2016
  • SG +*B Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby x SG Pholia Farm MI Carolina 3*

So far this three year old first freshener is holding up to her ancestry. Still chubby in the photos and freshening so late in life was definitely a detriment to her appraisal score. Her two daughters will be retained. Pictured 6 months into lactation. DHI at

Pholia Farm HB Biscotti 8*M

  • Pedigree
  • LA 2019 VEEV 87
  • First lactation, Yearling, 264 days, 491 #, BF 27# (5.5%), Pt 23# (4.7%)
  • Born 2018
  • Height: 20 1/2″
  • *B Elfin Acres Huckleberry x Pholia Farm UB Late Bloomer 7*M

So far I am very happy with Biscotti’s look and performance. She milked 2.8 pounds on her first test and 3.0 on her second. She should have no trouble getting her star for volume and fat. I was very pleased with the LA score, especially as a yearling. Pictured 5 months into lactation.

Pholia Farm AR Onyx

  • Pedigree
  • Born 2019
  • Freshened spring 2020 (no DHI for us in 2020 due to family health problems)
  • *B Mtn Lodge O Arturo x SG Pholia Farm RD Obsidianne 4*M
  • Onyx freshened with a lovely udder and teats. I’ll be keeping her. I’d love more foreudder extension, but she is capacious and super easy to milk. I have no doubt that if she had been on dhi this year, she’d have easily gotten her star. She has really loose dairy skin and really was hard to clip (proof in the photo)