Cheese Gallery

Although we aren’t making these cheeses commercially anymore (as of late fall 2016) Gianaclis still teaches all of these styles and more here at Pholia Farm and beyond.

Brown’s Gulch

Brown’s Gulch

Romano Style

Natural Rind Rubbed with Olive Oil and Cocoa
Aged 12 months
20 pound Wheels
Traditional Rennet

Named after the seasonal creek that runs the length of our farm – and powers our winter microhydro system

pg 289
Hillis Peak

 Hillis Peak

Washed Curd
Natural Rind Rubbed with Olive Oil and Paprika
Aged 6-8 Months
2.5 pound wheels
Vegetarian, non-GMO Rennet

Named after the mountain we view directly east of our farm, the source of many a lovely sunrise

pg 251
Elk Mtn
Elk Mtn

Tomme style
Natural Rind, sometimes rubbed with ale
Aged 6-8 months
6-8 pound wheels
Vegetarian, non-gmo rennet

Named after the mountain to the West of our farm, and home to a large herd of Elk




St. Paulin Style

Rind washed with annatto
Aged 3-5 months
6-8 pound wheels
Traditional rennet (trying new batches with vegetarian, non-gmo)

Named in honor of the local native Americans whose arrowheads have been found on the farm

Pleasant Creek
Pleasant Creek

Pleasant Creek (Limited availability)

Gruyere StyleNatural Rind
Aged 7-9 months
8 pound wheels

Vegetarian, non-GMO rennet

Named after a tributary to Evans Creek that flows near our farm

Evans Creek Greek Pheta

Evans Creek Greek – Pholia Pheta

Available Plain, Smoked (with real smoke), and Marinated

Traditional Greek Feta Style

Aged 4-8 months in brine

Vegetarian, non-GMO Rennet

Named after Evans Creek, the main waterway in our valley

Table Rock
Table Rock
 Table Rock

Semi Hard

Aged 4-5 Months

Traditional Rennet

Nutty, piquant, robust

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