Reference Does

SG Pholia Farm HB Claire 8*M

  • Sold 2020
  • Pedigree
  • LA 2019 VEVE 88
  • First lactation (2 yr old): 305 days, 710#, BF 31 (4.4%), Pt 34 (4.8%)
  • Born 2017
  • Height: 21 1/2
  • *B Elfin Acres ET Huckleberry x SG Pholia Farm RD Audrey 7*M

Pholia Farm UB Late Bloomer 7*M

  • Sold 2020
  • Pedigree
  • LA 2019 VVEV 89
  • 3rd lactation (4 year old), 279 days, 573#, BF 34# (5.9%), Pt 23# (4.0%)
  • 21 1/4″
  • *B Rosasharn SH Uni’s Bryce x SG Pholia Farm RD Debutante 6*M
  • Born 2015

SG Pholia Farm MI Carolina *3

  • Pedigree
  • Retired 2018 (infertile)
  • LA: 2016  EEEE 90, 2015 EEEE 90
  • 21″
  • *B Pholia Farm CA Mr. Incredible x QSF Here’s a Riddle 2*D AR 1838 2*M
  • Born 2010
  • 1x Sr Grand, 2x ADGA Reserve Sr. Grand Champion

SG Jobi Chloe 2*M
SG Jobi Chloe 2*M

Chloe rear udder_small

LA 2013 VVEV 87

Jobi Morgan +B *S x Jobi Lucia 4*D, 1*M

Gold Eyes

While Chloe has some general appearance issues, her udder has the best texture of any udder in our herd.  2009’s appraiser said he rarely has given an Excellent in that category to a Nigerian.  When she milks out, it is like watching a balloon deflate.


Retired on farm
AGS Jobi Willa
AGS Jobi Willa
 One of our best does ever. Born in 2003 and milked until 2014, with several extended lactation of almost 2 years. A great old gal 2003-present  Died old age 2015
SG Pholia Farm RD Define 6*M
SG Pholia Farm RD Define 6*M


2015 VVV+ 85  22 1/4″

*B Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby x AGS Jobi Delite 5*M

Define got her SG designation as a first freshener being milked one time a day

Rocky x Delit

  Retired 2016 after two sequential difficult kiddings
SG Pholia Farm RD Debutante 6*M
SG Pholia Farm RD Debutante 6*M

Deb udder

2015 +VVV 84 21″

*B Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby x AGS Jobi Delite 5*M

Great dairy character and milk capacity, but needs better medial support and foreudder. Easily received her milking star on once a day milking.

   Retired 2016 after two sequential difficult kiddings
Pholia Farm HJ Baklava 3*M
Pholia Farm HJ Baklava 3*M



+BAlgedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy  x Pholia Farm KM Ha-Cha-cha 2*M

2012 VVEE 89 , 22 1/8 “

2013 VVVV 88

Pictured at her first freshening. Baklava has great teats and placement. Selling to make room for more. We kept a son from this spring (not on the buck page yet)

Birth to 2013  Sold 2013
 Pholia Farm DN Ida 7*MPholia Farm DN Ida 7*M

2015 V+VV 85  21 1/2″

GHC*B Pholia Farm CF DoeNut x Pholia Farm HJ Hera 6*M

   Sold 2015
 Whimsey Pholia Farm DN Whimsey 6*MWhimseyRear

2015 ++VA 80  19 1/2″

GHC*B Pholia Farm CF DoeNut x GCH Jobi Deana 5*M

A really cute little doe that milks well for her size.

   Sold 2015
Pholia Farm CN Natalie
Pholia Farm CN Natalie

Natalie udder

2015 VEEV 85  20 1/4″

*B Pholia Farm HB Captain Nemo (++B Bullseye x SGCH Deana 5*M) x SG Pholia Farm HJ Coraline3*M (+BAlgedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy *S x2*M Pholia Farm KM Cherry Tart)

Natalie’s 2nd freshening udder is amazing, he is projected to milk over 1000 pounds

  Sold 2015
SGCH Pholia Farm HB Angelica 6*M
SGCH Pholia Farm HB Angelica 6*M


2012 EEEE 91, 20 7/8″

GCH Piddlin Acres Hit the Bullseye+B x Jobi Agnes 5*M AR

2x Sr. Grand Champion, 1x Res Sr. Grand, 2x Best Udder breed, 10th place 2010 ADGA National Show.

Angelica is the most dairy, long necked doe in our herd, with an udder that might even be nicer than Deana’s (until you compare them milked out).  We adore her disposition as well.

 Born 2006 Retired on farm 2015
 Pholia Farm MI Love Shack 5*MPholia Farm MI Love Shack 5*M


2015 VVEV 87  21 1/4″

*B Pholia Farm CA Mr. Incredible x SG Pholia Farm HJ Fresca 4*M

I love this little doe, she is compact but very dairy. Great 2nd freshening udder (not pictured) and milks out quickly with good capapcity

  Sold 2015

Piddlin Acres Start a Rumor *M We finally retired good old Rumor in 2008.  We figured she deserved a rest.  While only 8 years old, she had freshened nine times and given us a lot of great progeny to work with.  While a powerful, respectable doe, it was time to move on.  She will live out her life here.  Rumor6-07_smallRumorudder04
Pholia Farm RA Chanel 4*MChanel was a very sweet doe who we lost to listeriosis.  She was pregnant at the time with her 2nd litter.  Her 1st daughter, Bambi was retained. Chanel was the daughter of Aquarius and Jobi Spring.  
QSF PH Marias Fiesta *MFiesta has given us 14 offspring in just 3 kiddings. (Nine of those were does). The last kidding, with sextuplets, was hard on her, so we have decided to not breed her again.  She will be part of the retirement herd.  

Pholia Farm HB Cleopatra 2*M

Cleo has some great qualities- body capacity, large teats, and nice color, but has been a less than stunning milker and not of show quality.  Her offspring by Aquarius are quite nice though.  So she is being placed with a home milking family.

Pholia Farm HB Pip Squeak 2*M

Cheeky Beaky, as she is known, was only 1.1 pounds at birth and didn’t develop the best body structure.  She gave birth easily to twin daughters, that we have retained.  She will stay here as a pet.

Pholia Farm QS Eclair 2*MEclair was an improvement on her dam (Sienna), but not a top milker or show doe.  We felt she was better placed in a pet home. She went with Pico and is well loved.
Esperenza Pico de GalloPico lacked in some structural categories and in milk production, so she went wit h Eclair (above) to a lovely pet home.  Her daughter, Dewdrop, is still part of our herd.

Goodwood KW Spider *M

With some reluctance we decided in 2007 to pull Spider out of our breeding program. Her milk production has been lower than we would like and her orifices are tight.  We have a lovely daughter coming along.

Pholia Farm KM Ha-Cha-cha 2*M
Pholia Farm RA Antigone

Pholia Farm QS Dewdrop 1*M

  LA 2008 ++EV 84

Pholia Farm RA Mirage 3*M
Pholia Farm HB Junie B. 2*M
Pholia Farm RA AndanteRosasharns Aquarius x Twin Creeks Hot Latte
Pholia Farm HH Freya

GCH Hubba Hubba x Pip Squeak

Pholia Farm KM Pixie 3*M
Pholia Farm RI Sheila 5*M+A+V 82Pholia Farm KM Riot *B x Jobi Amor 4*M AR
Pholia Farm RA Isis 3*M+VVA 81
Pholia Farm RA Kahlua 3*MVEE+ 86
QSF Here’s a Riddle 2*D AR 1838,2*M
 2*M Pholia Farm KM Cherry Tart
Pholia Farm RA Pandora 2*M
Pholia Farm RA Electra *M  

SGCH Pholia Farm KM Harriet 3*M


GCH Jobi Deana 5*MVEEE 91 – 2009
Pholia Farm HB Crescendoe++V+ 81 – 2011
SG Pholia Farm KM Frolic 3*MVVEV 89 – 2011
Pholia Farm DN Peekaboo++VA 81 -2011
Pholia Farm CF AdeliadeAV+A 79 -2011
SG Pholia Farm Gadget 3*M  
Pholia Farm OD Sangria 6*MV+E+ 85 – 2011
Pholia Farm KM Lo-La 2*MAVEV 82 – 2011
Pholia Farm HJ Baraka 4*M2012 VVEV 89+BAlgedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy  x Pholia Farm HH Maxine 3*M (GCH +*B Hubba x Pip Squeak 2*M)
SG Pholia Farm OD Calista 7*M2012 V+EE 88+*B Pholia Farm RA Odessy x GCH Pholia Farm HB Angelica 6*M
SG Pholia Farm DB Honeycomb 2*M2012 V+E+ 86*B Pholia Farm OD DaBomb x Pholia Farm HJ Razzle *M(+BAlgedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy *S x Pholia Farm KM Poppet
SG Pholia Farm MI Violet2012 +V++ 84*B Pholia Farm CA Mr. Incredible x Pholia Farm RA Electra *M
Pholia Farm CF Abigail 6*M2012 +VV+ 85Pholia Farm KM Copperfield *B x SGJobi Agnes 5*M AR
SG Pholia Farm HJ Coraline2012 VVV+ 85

+BAlgedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy *S x  2*M Pholia Farm KM Cherry Tart

Pholia Farm HP Fawnly+AVE 84* B Pholia Farm HJ Hanky Panky x Pholia Farm DN Gabriella

SG Jobi Delite 5*M

VVEE 88 – 2011

SG Pholia Farm OD Nutmeg 6*M2012 +EV+ 85*B Pholia Farm RA Odessy Jobi Delite 5*M